The first time I met Dave was the day my life started to turn around, he has the ability to help you change your life in such a way you never knew was possible. To be able to tell your story, to be seen upset and for someone to see you at your lowest. That needs trust, honesty and someone who will always be by your side, to guide you back up out of that dark hole and find inner peace. Without Dave, I am certain, I’d still be back in that dark dark place. 

I have seen various counsellors over the years, however I have been seeing Dave regularly for the last couple of years and he is by far the best that I’ve seen. He has hit the nail on the head with matters other therapists couldn’t get to the bottom of. Dave has helped me to view situations in a different light whilst discussing them at my own pace and in a gentle manner. Dave is easy to talk to, very honest and extremely approachable regardless of the situation. Dave is a great listener, always goes the extra mile and makes you feel at ease throughout the sessions.

I have been supported by Mr Latham for near 7 months now. I had been finding a number of situations in my life very challenging, juggling home, work and family with feelings of excessive depression, anxiety, pressure and anger. Mr Latham has helped me to find my voice by having me focus on what my priorities are, who matters to me and what matters to me, ultimately putting me at the forefront of my life. By really honing in on the sense of self I felt I was loosing I was able to get out of the pit I was in. I’m not “free” yet but without him I would not be as confident as I am today to believe “You’ve been through worse and you can survive this”. I have had other counsellors beforehand, but his personal and warm approach is a breathe of fresh air and I have achieved more with him than most others. For this I would highly recommend Mr Latham to anyone.