Anxiety & Depression

A key difference between anxiety and depression is that one refers to a single illness, and the other to a group of conditions.

  • Depression is really one illness. It has lots of different symptoms (see below). And it may feel very different to different people. But the term depression refers to a single condition.
  • Anxiety is a term that can have a few different meanings. We all feel anxious sometimes and ‘anxiety’ can be used simply to describe that feeling. But when we use anxiety in a medical sense, it describes a group of conditions.

Anxiety includes some less common conditions. These include phobias and panic disorders. But the most common is generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). Generalised anxiety disorder may affect between four and five in every 100 people in the UK. We’ll focus on generalised anxiety in this article.

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“Anxiety can make you imagine things are worse than they are and prevent you from carrying out everyday tasks or even leaving the house.”



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